As a CE student, you will complete (80 hours) of online coursework that focuses on core pedagogical approaches and perspectives, followed by placement and the CE Exam.

The three months of part-time studies are comprised of online, on-demand, and asynchronous lessons. You’ll be placed in a cohort with up to fifteen fellow CE students as well as an online mentor, giving you the opportunity to connect during real-time weekly lessons.

Field experiences are also a key part of CE Core Online. They enable you to speak to experienced educators and visit schools, to gain deeper insight into the complexities of pedagogy, the school system, and the workings of the classroom. 

CE Core Objectives:

CE has 20 core objectives, as it aims to enlighten teachers regarding:

  1. Reasons teachers need professional development

  2. The importance of paying attention to Educational Psychology

  3. Methods of studying Psychology of Learning

  4. Stages of Teacher Development

  5. Educational Psychology and Teacher Growth and Development

  6. Tasks of Educational Psychology

  7. Growth and Development

  8. The Meaning of Individual Differences

  9. Causes of Individual Differences

  10. Learning Styles and Cognitive Strengths and Weaknesses

  11. Learning Styles, Cognitive Skills, and Brain Training

  12. Elements for Establishing Positive Conditions for Learning

  13. What’s the demand for 21st century skills?

  14. Thinking process and its components

  15. The meaning of higher order thinking

  16. Managing classrooms effectively

  17. Universal classroom management strategies

  18. Guidelines for effective praise

  19. Elements that influence the learning process

  20. Meaningful Learning