Accreditation is a mean of assessing and affirming the integrity and the technical competence of organizations offering training services that lead to certification. Providing accredited training increases the value of the learners experience and ensures the quality, scope and depth of the training delivered.

Evaluating a company’s training material along with the review of their internal quality systems and the trainers' qualifications ensures adherence with the industry standards. Companies that wish to deliver training and order the certification exams must be accredited.

This course is a preparation for the international exam of Certified Educator - CE certification credential. Issued and accredited by the International Leadership and Training Center at Missouri State University and IBDL Foundation.

CETK offers its accreditation for:

  • Exam Providers

  • Professional Trainers

  • Local Chapters


Benefits of Getting the CETK Accreditation

  • Become part of CETK Network

Get in touch with people like you who are driving the field of education forward. The CETK network includes all work hierarchies from those who are just starting out to those at the top of their careers.

  • Get into valuable events and seminars

Take your skills to the next level by attending meet-ups and special guest talks where you can learn how to approach new challenges from people who have faced similar obstacles in the past.

  • Get more job opportunities

Build your network and gain insider connections at companies in your area who can help you find new opportunities.