About Us

CETK is a revolutionary toolkit designed to maximize personal potential, build balanced - high performing teams, and create energy and resilience for success in the education sector.

CETK provides teachers and schools with rich expertise and skills in the education sector.

CETK focuses on teachers’ development as a crucial first step to effective education and schooling system.

CETK was orchestrated by a team of highly experienced British university professors and tutors, lecturers, educational senior advisers, consultants, and professionals who hold:

  • An exceptional customer service that exceeds teachers’ and school’s expectations.
  • A wide pool of experience and expertise in education, research, and practice.
  • Extensive experience in the planning and delivery of short educational and tailored training programs.
  • Bespoke short teacher training programs.
  • Competitive offers to deliver the best short courses and teacher training events.
  • Confidentiality and trust.



Build and develop the next generation of professional teachers.


“We Create Opportunities for Every Learner and Teacher to Develop.”

Our mission is to put learners and teachers in touch and ahead of their future opportunities by helping them gain a better understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop application and problem-solving skills. Hence, enable them to work competitively in a global, interdependent and culturally diverse world.